Album release “Desert Songs” Sugarfactory Amsterdam great succes

Album release “Desert Songs” Sugarfactory Amsterdam great succes

Posted by sjoerdhoogsma

Impression album release Sugarfactory 16.6.2016

Photography Diederick Ingel



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Whereas Writersday’s debut album “Picking Flowers on the Moon”, was still packed with unprecedented “singer songwriter” songs, a crossover between the narrative style of Americana, Country and The Pop from Liverpool, Writersday’s second album “Desert Songs” sound much more as a band and that’s no coincidence. The songs are mostly recorded live and the electric guitar has a more prominent rol. The album sounds like it’s title. Each song could be a soundtrack of an old western or Tarantino movie. 12 songs complementing each other perfectly, from soft and melodic to solid rock. The song ‘Where Do We Go When This Planet’s Full’ is a good example; A colorful calm start, ending with a rocky atmospheric guitar solo comparable to those by U2. Leadsinger and songwriter Sjoerd Hoogma lyrics are full of metaphors. Nevertheless, he shares his innermost feelings in a very direct way. ”Writing is such a beautiful gift,” he says. “It is such an adventure to combine words and sounds. There’s so much to tell. Music can make one bear the severest of pains.” The title track “Desert Song” calls attention to the situation that the Indians of STANDING ROCK find themselves in.

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