Live at Radio Nordewyn/Fryslan 30.6.2017

Live at Radio Nordewyn/Fryslan 30.6.2017
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Writersday speelt as vrijdag 30 juni van 13.00 tot 15.00 4 songs live van het album “Desert Songs” with full band

Album release “Desert Songs” Sugarfactory Amsterdam great succes

Album release “Desert Songs” Sugarfactory Amsterdam great succes
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Impression album release Sugarfactory 16.6.2016

Photography Diederick Ingel



Link website Sugarfactory


Whereas Writersday’s debut album “Picking Flowers on the Moon”, was still packed with unprecedented “singer songwriter” songs, a crossover between the narrative style of Americana, Country and The Pop from Liverpool, Writersday’s second album “Desert Songs” sound much more as a band and that’s no coincidence. The songs are mostly recorded live and the electric guitar has a more prominent rol. The album sounds like it’s title. Each song could be a soundtrack of an old western or Tarantino movie. 12 songs complementing each other perfectly, from soft and melodic to solid rock. The song ‘Where Do We Go When This Planet’s Full’ is a good example; A colorful calm start, ending with a rocky atmospheric guitar solo comparable to those by U2. Leadsinger and songwriter Sjoerd Hoogma lyrics are full of metaphors. Nevertheless, he shares his innermost feelings in a very direct way. ”Writing is such a beautiful gift,” he says. “It is such an adventure to combine words and sounds. There’s so much to tell. Music can make one bear the severest of pains.” The title track “Desert Song” calls attention to the situation that the Indians of STANDING ROCK find themselves in.

New single “Where Do We Go When This Planet’s Full on Radio NPO2

New single “Where Do We Go When This Planet’s Full on Radio NPO2
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Interview NPO2 met Bert Haandrikman en Writersday


New single “Where Do We Go When This Planet’s Full” available

New single “Where Do We Go When This Planet’s Full” available
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Writersday’s new single is available on:

Spotify: Spotify link
iTunes: Itunes link
Deezer: Deezer link
Apple Music:
Google Play: Google link

Recordings started for Writersday second album “Desert Songs”

Recordings started  for Writersday second album “Desert Songs”
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In the White Dove Studios the ( live) recordings started for the second album .
Work title for the album is “Desert Songs”
New songs will be recorded with the 24 track tape recorder. Idea is to record the songs with the band live to catch the vibe of the moment.


Sjoerd Hoogma Vocals & guitars
Auke Haaksma Bass
Coen Molenaar Keys
Tim Brink Drums
Robin Berlijn Guitars

Bent Langerak Producer

Writersday with xl band live at “Live uit Loyd” 12th October broadcasting

Writersday with xl band live at  “Live uit Loyd”  12th  October broadcasting
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Writersday live Radio Rijnmond braodcasting is 12th October

Romi Hurts
Cordula Klein Goldewijn
Coen Molenaar
Auke Haaksma
Tim Brink
Bent Langerak
Sjoerd Hoogma

Masterclass VICTORIA THEODORE with Beyoncé’s keyboard-player

Masterclass VICTORIA THEODORE with Beyoncé’s keyboard-player
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White Dove Records & Pro-Music Training proudly presents “An evening/masterclass with Victoria Theodore, keyboard-player at the Beyoncé 2016 Formation World Tour.

Students and professional musicians will have the opportunity to ask questions about piano technics, songwriting and all other topics related to the music business.

After the Masterclass there will be a Jam-session for ticket holders. The audience will have the opportunity to play Beyoncé & Stevie Wonder songs together with Victoria. There will be a complete back-line and a professional band
(Writersday’s band) will be leading the Jam-session.

15 July 2016 Q-Factory Atlantisplein 1 Amsterdam.

Doors open 20.00 Start 20.30 till 22.00

Tickets will be available at:

About Victoria:
Victoria Theodore received her Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Classical Piano Performance and Computer Music from Oberlin College and her Master of Arts degree in Classical Piano Performance from Stanford University.

As a teen, Victoria studied piano and voice in the UC Berkeley Young Musician’s Program and sang with the Oakland Youth Chorus During her Stanford years, Victoria studied Jazz Piano with Bay Area legends Mark Levine, Bill Bell and Frank Martin.

Touring With Stevie Wonder
Victoria joined Stevie Wonder’s touring band as a keyboardist and background singer in August 2007. She has traveled around the world with Stevie, performing for President Obama for his 2nd inaugural celebration in 2012, Queen Elizabeth for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert Live at Buckingham Palace, accompanying Stevie and other musical icons of every genre. Victoria is also featured in Stevie’s DVD “Live At Last”, and is seen in the Oscar winning documentary “Twenty Feet From Stardom”.

Touring with Beyoncé
In early 2016, Victoria was hired as the keyboardist for Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour. The tour is now underway!


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Writersday_bitterzoet10 Juni

Friday May 11th Live on National Radio Veronica

Friday May 11th Live on National Radio Veronica
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Writersday plays with his XL band live 7 songs at Veronica Countdown Cafe on National Radio


Tune in

“Picking flowers on the Moon” Writersday’s debut album presented live

“Picking flowers on the Moon” Writersday’s debut album presented live
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What a great show it was 15.4.2016 at the Vorstin Hilversum

Album release ‘Picking Flowers on The Moon

Support act Tim Dawn



Romi Hurts, Coen Molenaar, Auke Haaksma, Tim Brink, Bent Langerak, Jelske Hoogervorst, Frans Cornelissen en Dirk Beets

Photography Diederik Ingel and Robert van Dijk


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